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Enjoy an All-In-One Cultural Tour of Thailand at Muang Boran

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Thailand is famous not just for its natural beauty and friendly people, but also for its many culturally significant heritage sites. Not many people however have enough time or money to visit all these sites hence the genius of Muang Boran. It is the world’s largest outdoor museum that features 116 scaled replicas of Thailand’s most famous historical monuments, temples, palaces, and other architectural attractions.

Also known as Ancient Siam or the Ancient City, this museum park is spread over 240 acres and matches the approximate shape of Thailand. The structures are located roughly where they exist on the real map of the Kingdom. Ancient Siam is made up of historical sites that range from pre-historical to the Rattanakosin eras. Within a few hours, you can get to experience as close a resemblance to sites that would take weeks to visit in the real world.

Located in Samut Prakan, this destination is easily accessible. It is less than 55 minutes S15 Hotel on Sukhumvit Road and can be arrived at through public or private means. It is currently open from 9 am to 6 pm, offering plenty of time to get around and view all the sites. In fact if you are staying overnight in Bangkok and having dinner in the evening S15 Boutique hotel is located close to Asoke BTS, the heart of Bangkok nightlife.

Booking a day trip to Muang Boran is an easy way to get to this attraction and enjoy a comfortable tour. Several tour companies can be booked for this excursion with pick-ups easily arranged from the S15 hotel lobby. Given the proximity, pick-ups are often timed between 8-9 am. This gives ample opportunity to enjoy the breakfast buffet at our Mezzanine Café or order room service well before departure time.

Once you arrive at Muang Boran, pre-booked admission tickets will ensure you do not have to stand in queues to be let in. You can choose to follow the walking tour or hire bicycles or an electric tuk-tuk to get around faster. Depending on your itinerary, you may also get a chance to visit other attractions in the vicinity including the Naval Museum and the Bangpu Recreation Centre that is a haven for bird enthusiasts. Meals are normally inclusive with these day trip packages. Make a visit to Muang Boran part of your vacation plans or weekend getaway from the bustling chaos of busy Bangkok.

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